There is a small, still voice inside you, that one that talks to you at night. The one that pulls at your heart and mind strings about a certain situation or circumstance. The one you sometimes ignore, but “damn, you know it’s right!”. The unbiased whisper that is trying so hard to lead you, guide you, inspire you – is ultimately your universal connection, your God.

We all have a “connection” – a connection to what intuitively feels right and feels good within us. Trust this. Know that this is your internal guidance system, trying so hard to steer you in the direction of your true calling. When you’re off balance, you know it. You start to feel agitated, worried, stressed, sad and angry. Alternatively, when you’re balanced, you’re happy, excited, inspired and confident.

Stop ignoring the genuine feelings that are churning in your gut – we all essentially “know the truth”, but we just get good at lying to ourselves about it. Push through the resistance of your mind and know that life is full of opportunities, experiences, people and resources that are waiting for you to say, “enough’s enough, I’m gonna follow my gut!”

As a wise friend once told me, “when you take a leap, you either grow wings and fly or someone will be there to catch you”.  You just never know what, where or why your instincts are navigating you in a certain direction. Trust yourself and the undeniable power of your God…


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