Must come doooown…

I’m sure we’re all familiar with the phrase “don’t let it get to your head”.  Whether said to another, or on the receiving end of this clichéd statement, it’s usually a suggestion of narcissism and not of modesty. In a world of materialism, power, money and greed, generated in part by media, your environment and/or other influencing factors, the notion of your ego getting in the way of common sense, isn’t too unrealistic for some.

We’ve all, at one time or another, been subjected to a person who may have let their power of authority, success, or perceived control “get to their head”. They went from a down to earth, compassionate person, to an all-around big head who’s just unpleasant to be around. But, the unfortunate reality about this bogus illusion, is we’re all just the same ol’ human beings, connected, one way or another. We all share the feelings of excitement, nervousness, stresses, pleasures, etc., as the next person. I cry, smile, laugh and put my pants on the same way you do! So, what makes a “big head” stand out against those of us who have our feet planted to the ground? An INFLATED ego. Yikes!

Don’t forget your roots. Remember where you can from and what it took to get where you are. Be a person of integrity; build on a good reputation, and the trust of those who surround you. Don’t get on the high horse, ‘cause before you know it you could be thrown off and back down where you started. Success can be temporary, as you’re only as good as those who support, believe and respect you. Don’t take yourself so seriously; nobody else does.

Do be kind and gracious to others, as karma can be a B#*&H and bite you in the butt, especially when you’ve burned bridges. Do be a person of humbleness; no one’s perfect (not even you). Admit when you’re wrong, ask for advice and/or opinions, let somebody else shine; it will show you value their insight. Do share in your successes and mentor others; it will make you feel gratified, fulfilled and accomplished!

We’ve all started in this life race together, running down the track chasing dreams, aspirations and desires. It’s exciting to have a goal(s), as this is what drives and motivates us to succeed. However, it’s when the deceit of power, money, success and/or fame, deceives the mind and closes the heart, that the true nature of the human experience is gone like the wind. Stay human and show humility, as this is a sign of strength not weakness. Be grounded, compassionate and comfortable in your own skin. Treat others with dignity, respect and love because as mighty as you rose up by the hands of others, just as hard as you can fall at their feet.


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