Learning to re-connect with yourself or even your significant other, is essential in re-energizing and refueling your vital “life tank”.

Take the foot of the gas pedal and pump the brakes; apply these tips to steer you in the right direction:

It’s okay to be selfish

Schedule one day per week, even if it’s simply an hour or two, when you turn off your ringer and disengage with EVERYONE. DO what you want to do. Whether it’s to lock yourself in a room with a good book, take a painting class or catch some zzz’s, it’s YOUR time; do what you want with it.  Stick to it, make it a routine.

Give of your time

There is something gratifying about giving of your precious time. Volunteer at a shelter, become a Big Sister or Brother, sit with elders at a retirement home; not only will it take your mind off of your own circumstances, it will enlighten the lives of those you touch.  Offering your time replenishes the soul, fulfilling your true universal self.

What’s calling you

Is there a passion, an innate talent/gift that you hold deep within?  Something that makes you feel like “yourself again”, where you truly feel connected?  Whatever it is, hone in on it and just do it. Whether it’s simply writing, stringing a guitar, taking photographs, painting a canvas or refinishing furniture, do what makes you feel good inside so you can feel whole.

Vacay or Stay-cay

Whether some time alone or with a significant other, time away, whether physically or just “unplugging” from the world, is what you need in order to recharge and reconnect.  Learn to just be. Be in the moment. Listen to the sounds. Taste the flavours. Smell the aromas. Take it all in – take the time to just be at ONE.


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