Never miss a workout again!

With the gyms closing/re-opening throughout the pandemic, it’s frustrating especially when you feel like you’re FINALLY getting your muscle-pump and groove back.

Don’t let the current state of our global affairs hinder your health and fitness goals – take back CONTROL over HOW and WHEN you’d like to workout – and with WHAT fitness tools!
Here’s a list of gym-equipment essentials you can easily set up in your home that is affordable, even perfect for small spaces.

1.     Dumbbells – An all-around, versatile workout tool for a full-body workout or specific muscle groups. The training options are endless! Great for muscle power, strength and endurance. Upper body – shoulder presses, bicep curl, triceps kickbacks; Lower body – lunges, glute raises, squats.

2.     Resistance Bands and/or Loop Bands – Convenient, compact and portable. Ideal for muscle endurance workouts or assistance to maximize training session. Helps to build balance and core stability. Used of upper/lower body exercises. Loop bands: squats, leg and hip raises. Resistance bands: shoulder lateral raises, back rows, chest flye, bicep hammer curls.

3.     Stability or Bosu Ball – Strengthens muscles, improves balance, posture and core stability. Great for abs, back, glutes, upper and lower body exercises. Try ab crunches, glute bridges, burpees, tricep dips, even great for stretching.

4.     Kettle Bells – Enhances strength and stamina; builds power, improves coordination. Used for stability exercises and upper body workouts like push-ups, rows, curls; lower body such as squats and lunges. 

5.     Skipping Rope – Lightweight and portable. Perfect for a good cardio session or used as an active rest in-between sets! Use it Rocky-Balboa style to amp-up your cardio/strength training routine.

6.     Medicine Ball – Helps to promote better balance, coordination and core strength. Can be used in upper and lower body exercises, even partner workouts by throwing weighted ball back and forth (p.s. killer core workout!).

7.     Doorway Upper-Body Bar – Portable and out of the way (unless you’re 7 ft tall!). Multi-purpose equipment to increase strength in chest, back, shoulders, arms and abs. Use it for pull-ups, push-ups, chin-ups, dips, crunches.

8.     Weight Bench (foldable versions available!) – Universal equipment, great for free weight workouts. A definite must-have IMO. Helps to facilitate upper/lower exercises like all-around chest and back exercises, shoulders, biceps and triceps. Can also be used for lower body like leg-ups and single leg lunges. An adjustable bench is recommended. 

9.     Exercise Mat – All-purpose and comfortable for your floor workouts, body-weight and/or stretching exercises. Cushions the spine, hips, knees and elbows. Crank out an ab routine, glute/leg circuit, yoga or isometric workout.

Pick & choose or grab them all. These tools are sure to get your heart and muscles pumpin’! And of course, if you have a bigger space and budget, consider a universal weight machine and/or cardio equipment like a treadmill or rower. 

Bottom LINE – No excuses. Even if you have a couple dumbbells and a skip rope, you can move that body and stay on track!

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Contact me and let’s get YOUR workout on!