There is an amazing thing that we, as humans, are capable of doing each and every day; that is to spread a little love around…

Love the friend who just needs an ear, when it seems so inconvenient for you.  The homeless person on the street you pass every day, but never give a dollar.  The store clerk who is rude to you, but little do you know she just broke up with her husband.  The coworker who gets all the accolades, but deep inside is a suicidal mess.  You just never know when the love you express will instantaneously turn someone’s life around, at just the right time.

Love, is not just something that is tangible and can be seen or felt in the sense of hugs and kisses, writing heartfelt cards, buying a dozen roses, chocolates, (or yes, even SEX!), to show your affection.  The act of love can be expressed in so many dynamic ways that it reverberates deep within the chambers of the mind and spirit.  It’s the act of kindness, the act of inspiration, the act of trust, of respect, of patience, of self-control.

If you desire happiness, make an effort to show kindness every day.  If you long to have patience within the realms of your hectic life, tolerate the little annoyances and pick your battles.  If you desire a greater sense of confidence, encourage and compliment someone; it’s amazing how a little praise can boost you up!  If you lack motivation, help someone else achieve a goal; you’ll gain the ambition living through their accomplishments.

There is a little adage that I truly adore, “you reap what you sow”; what you put out, you get back.  If you seek more love in your life, you need to give more love out.  Love yourself, love those around; at the end of the day, it will never fail you.