What are you requesting every day? Are you waking up every morning asking for strength, happiness, courage, or is it stress, loneliness and defeat? We may not actually realize it, but the latter is usually the unintentional, yet impulsive order we place in life. Due to worries of the day to day, fear of the unknown or overanalyzing our abilities, we allow negativity to seep into our mind and crash through its barriers.

All our thoughts are things; things that can turn into sickness or good health, sadness or love, loss or power.  The “things” we want most in life, are the thoughts we need to consciously and intentionally focus on the most. View challenges as opportunities for growth, skills learned, friendships made, resources obtained; you just never know what prospects could be disguised as something that will thrust you forward into your destiny. Instead of getting frustrated or discouraged, trust in your path and whatever comes your way, accept it as such, and know it’s meant to be for a reason.

Place your purposeful, intentional order in life; do it on a daily basis. Think, act, speak all that you desire and deserve in life, and it will latch onto you just like a magnet.


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