You THINK you may know, but really, it could all be smoke and mirrors….

That person you thought had it all figured out, the friend that seems to be living large, the relative who is “rolling in the dough”, the job that looks out of this world AMAZING, perhaps, isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  The needs and wants we create, and quite possibly assume, because of outside influences such as people and/or media, could be the culprit of your woes.

We all strive to fulfil our desires in life, but it’s when these things aren’t achieved that we fall into a rut and become unhappy.  Looking around, you observe people who seem to have it all, in relationships that are adoring, driving nice cars, travelling to exotic destinations, wearing stylish clothes, living in homes that you can only dream about.  We become envious, and some jealous, of the “successfulness” of those in our radar.  But a funny thing happens sometimes, when you actually delve into the worlds of those that are admirable.  Your “lens” becomes focused. You realize they have the same stresses, debts, esteem issues, sadness and frustrations, just like the rest of us. And with some, the emptiness is so evident that you realize the sham they’re living, and that perhaps you don’t have it so bad after all!

Our minds can have such a creative imagination; inventing realities that don’t exist, jumping to conclusions, getting you all worked up about something that may not even be there.  But, its knowing how and when to use this creative, inspired energy for your benefit and not your determent, that will allow you play, rightfully, at your own game.  “You be you, and I’ll be me”, as a verse in a popular song says…. Don’t focus your energies and time on what others seem to be accomplishing and/or gaining in life, unless of course, it’s positively motivating you to excel.  Otherwise, keep in your own lane, keep your head up and run the race that’s genuinely intended for you.  Once you set achievable “ME” goals, the universal resistant will not be a factor because you’ll be swimming with the current and not against it.

The real secret to living a life of contentment is developing the capacity to enjoy less and not always seeking more, more, more!  Don’t be so busy in life seeking happiness and never finding it, ‘cause it could be looking you square in the face.  Know when to call BS on the illusions created by your mind, and likewise, by outside influences that could be leading you astray.


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