In the journey of life, there is always going to be circumstances that happen which seem to come out of nowhere and slam us, and possibly our egos, into the ground.  We are left feeling depressed, sad, frustrated, jealous, envious; all those negative, horrible feelings that make us dwell, hold on and never let go. Be in command, be in present; you hold the “ammunition” to control your outcome in life. Do you want to go through it constantly in war with yourself, your thoughts and others, or do you want to call a truce? You hold the power to perceive any situation, in any light. Come to a resolve that things do happen for a reason and through hardships and challenges, comes growth and opportunity.

To combat the vicious cycle of being held emotionally captive (whether over a person, thought, perception or holding a grudge), is to have insight. Insight into what exactly it is you’re pondering tirelessly over.  Is it a spouse who betrayed you, a coworker who talked behind your back, a negative test result or even a false illusion of circumstance? Whatever the case may be, throw yourself into your emotions and let them flow free; scream, cry, delve into a bucket of ice cream and bonbons if you have to! But then, you need to surrender.  Surrender, so you can be free. Forgive, so you can have peace of the mind, body and soul.

Don’t fall victim to the shadows of your mind, convincing you that vengeance is what will bring contentment.  This can’t be further from the truth. Allowing yourself to invest precious time and energy to stand by and wait for revenge to come, is a prescription for psychological disaster. Once you can find acceptance through conceding, the pain will start its healing process and your heart and mind can go on living.  As it’s been said, “time heals all wounds”, but it can only begin once you allow it to.

Learning to let go during the battles in life, takes tenacity, compassion and courage. Pay close attention to your thoughts and control your efforts. Once you can allow life to just happen, to accept the good with bad and release the headlock of a negative, dwelling mentality, the healthier, happier and more harmonious of a life you can rightfully enjoy!


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