We’re all on this crazy journey.  This journey we call life.  Although we are all guilty of getting caught up in the rat race from work, kids, school, finances, relationships, etc., etc…we need to realize when enoughs enough, and grab hold of ourselves again!  Life is way too short and we need to exploit it for all the goodness it has to offer.

This voyage of RE-Self Discovery REALLY comes down to the fulfilment of your mind, body and spirit.  What is it that makes you tick? Inspires you? Moves you?  As you travel down this path, be assured that it doesn’t take much but a little DETERMINATION =your desire to be healthy and happy, LOVE = having compassion for yourself and those around you, and HOPE = anticipation of good things to come.  Make a pack with yourself, TODAY…(no EXCUSES = justification for you not doing something!), and let me share with you a few ways to tackle, first, the MIND…the one that is always having a wrestling match between good and evil!  Read these steps, pin them down and put them into action.  Bon Voyage!

THE MIND – Part 1

  1. Be alone – There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! Don’t feel guilty about it or even be scared to be “a loner”.  Alone time is good!  Time for inner reflection and to do just the things you enjoy will help to revitalize your way of thinking.  When you’re always doing things for others or never making the time to do those “ME” things you take pleasure in, don’t you notice you start to get irritated quicker and you can have a BAD attitude about anything and everything for no reason?  Well, I’ll be the news breaker.  There is a clear reason…your losing yourself.  STOP and take time out for YOU!
  1. Have a little faith – Whatever it is you do to connect spiritually – do it – everyday. Take a few minutes in the morning when you’re lying in bed and pray a little.  Do it in the shower or as you’re applying your makeup or shaving.  Send a little gratitude to the big guy (or gal) upstairs and take a moment to set your mind up to tackle the day with a positive mindset by expecting good things to happen to you.  Sparing just a few minutes a day for a little meditation can do wonders for you.  You must try it!
  1. Turn up those tunes – Have you ever been in the car when that one song you haven’t heard in EONS comes on the radio? What do you do? How do you feel?  Well, of course you get excited screaming out, “I love this song!” raise the volume and sing along as loud as you can (and for some of you, thank God it’s contained in your car, yikes!).  That feeling, that energy, that spikes through your mind and body, that’s the feeling you need to capture.  (Think, brightly shining firefly captured in a bottle).  Download tracks that inspire you; be it music, an audio reading of your fav spiritual leader or novelist and get playing them in your car, at home or on your headphones!  Whether you’re going to work in the morning, driving to an interview, or going to see your mother-in-law, you’ll be amazed what a little music therapy can do for your mind and the unmistakeable confidence and energy you’ll get from it.
  1. Scribble, scribble – Do you remember in grade school when you had to write in your daily journal or when you’d write in your diary (maybe you still do?), how that self-reflection and those personal revelations felt? Think back a minute?  There is something about spilling the beans on paper… a therapeutic element to it.  It’s like having confession but not being in a confessional, if you know what I mean… Grab a paper and pen and just get at it.  Write down what it is you hope to accomplish, what are you goals, how are you feeling, what it is you want from your relationship, etc…It’s amazing when you read back over it, what a sense of “a load taken off ” it has and how mentally you can start to set yourself straight.  It can be a starting point for your own “TO DO LIST” in life.  Take just ten minutes to reflect on your day or days ahead and write down what’s on your mind!
  1. Sleeping the night away – Yaaawn….how do you feel when you wake up in the morning after having that whole 8 hours of sleep?? Pretty damn good, I would say!  Those types of yawns are not one of restlessness wishing for just a few more minutes, but yawns of feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.  Just like the image you see in the laundry detergent commercials with the sun shining through the window glistening on a beautiful woman’s flawless face…there she is, as gorgeous  as can be first thing in the morning, waking up and ahhh…big stretch, big smile …she’s ready to take on the world.  Well, this is a little of an exaggeration, but you get the point.  You need to sleep!  Not only does your body need to repair and regenerate from the days physicality’s, but your mind needs it too as it helps with your mood, work performance, judgement, memory and even your sex life!  Now you want that, don’t you?!  So turn out the lights early tonight cause the party’s over.  Your mind needs a little R&R…Zzzzzzz….


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