Lace up the runners, put in the ear buds and get moving for hearts sake! 

Implementing cardio into your routine is one sure way to get you on the road to good health and longevity. In order for your heart to build and sustain strength, it requires much needed attention on a regular basis to achieve the gains it whole heartedly deserves. As you become active, this vital, life-sustaining muscle kicks into high gear and delivers the body with many healthful benefits such as proper blood circulation, promoting elimination of waste, increasing metabolism and improved workout recovery. 

Get into a blood pumping routine of running, walking or cycling, as it will assist in cranking up your metabolism, thereby, assisting to burn off those unwanted pounds. And, if your goal is to build and maintain muscle mass, the key is to keep your heart-thumping sessions short and intense, i.e. interval training. Whether trying to lose weight or achieve a toned physique, if on a calorie restricted diet in combination with excessive cardio, your body will start to burn muscle not fat, which is a big no-no.
Get moving 3-4 times a week to rev up your metabolism in order to achieve the positive results of your fat-blasting, muscle building goals!

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The elimination of toxins is vital in obtaining a vibrant, illness-free body. With the inclusion of cardio into your daily regimen, it will assist in the removal of unwanted poisons that thrive in an inactive, unbalanced environment. As you get moving and elevate your pulse rate, the respiratory system carries oxygen throughout the body and removes carbon dioxide from the blood, hence, purging waste components and delivering good blood circulation.

Chisel down your recovery time with moderately paced cardio exercises. Going for a walk or a light jog has been shown to remove byproducts during a workout session, helping to reduce the onset of muscle soreness. As your heart gets pumping, it delivers oxygen-rich blood throughout the body to repair and rebuild muscle tissues.
In addition, conditioning your body with regular cardiovascular exercise, improves your hearts capacity so it doesn’t have to work as hard to pump blood. If your heart can perform its job efficiently, it’ll keeping you in tip-top shape and allow you to execute simple daily exercises with ease, like walking up the stairs!

Cardio is all about getting a move on and boosting the pulse rate. If you’re just starting out, find an activity that will help achieve this. Whether it’s hiking, running or going for a bike ride; keep it consistent in your daily life and build from there. As your fitness level increases, look at interval training, HIIT training or partake in an organized sport. Whatever your fitness level – beginner, intermediate or advanced – the idea is to simply love your heart and get it pumping for a healthier, stronger, happier YOU!