Sometimes when you least expect it, an opportunity arises and you’re left pondering on a decision to take the leap or stay seated comfortably where you are. Being pushed out of your comfort zone creates anxiety of the unknown or stirs the question of “what if”, by accepting the change in front of your eyes. The list of pros and cons, weighing out of the anticipations, possibilities, challenges and opportunities, rattles the mind and you’re left screaming out, “what should I do?”.

Below are (4) tips to get your mind straightened out and looking down the road of success:

  1. That Little Voice – pay attention to what stirs inside you. Usually, when you listen to that small, still voice, it’s like a compass trying to steer in you in the right direction. It’s a voice of genuineness, truth and love, knowing what sincerely puts a smile on your face and skip in your step.
  1. Get in Agreement – that is, with your God, your universe, whatever you believe guides that the stronghold of faith and trust in your existence. Things shift and “planets” align (at a time that may or maybe not seem right), but believing that a higher power is a work, may ease the worry of making a change. Have confidence and take a leap of faith.
  1. Change is Constant – understand that life will always be changing, whether you choose to accept it or not. Either you can play a key role in the spectacular changes that life has to offer, or be a passenger riding in the back seat, kicking and screaming. I say, call shotgun and ride in front!
  1. Opportunity Knocks – although you may not be prepared or even planned out to take a chance at change, if it comes a knockin’, pay attention to the how and why it’s banging on your door. Recognize too, there will always be others down the line who will step right up into what could rightfully be yours. “Opportunity comes once in a lifetime”, as they say, so trust yourself, your abilities and believe that, “yes, it wants me!” and seize the opportunity!


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