Laughter, as they say, is the best medicine…

There is absolute truth to this ancient proverb, which has been told time and time again.  However, it’s not only the act of laughing out loud that’s great for the spirit, but being a positive person, having a cheerful outlook and “no worries’ attitude in your way of thinking that can remedy your entire being.  Consider humor like your daily multi-vitamin dose; needed to feed the right amount of nutrients for your mind, body and soul.  Its essential for producing those intoxicating endorphins that lifts your mood, puts a smile on your face and boosts your self-esteem, as well as reduces stress and anxiety.

Being able to see the lighter side of situations will definitely contribute to a more balanced approach when dealing with people and circumstances. Humour can be found in all things, you just need to be open to and embrace the concept of it.  Instead of being reactive, next time, try to see the hilarity in life’s ‘oh so’ challenging times.  If your toddler draws a portrait of mommy on the wall with crayon, snap a picture and share on social media of your kids’ first “canvas”.  When the office is a little glum and in need of a good howl, get on your paging system and page yourself! This will definitely get people’s heads turning and laughing hysterically.

Don’t take yourself, or others for that matter so seriously. We all make mistakes and are, essentially, running in the same rat race.  Don’t waste your valuable energy on being upset, discouraged or bitter because of others’ quarks, or of your own.  Life is way too short and stressful as it is.  Give those around you a little leniency; it will help improve your relationships and diffuse situations that may arise.  Forgive, so you don’t hold on.  Let go, so you can be free.  Laugh at yourself when things go astray; it’s the best way to accept the unique person you are.

Make it a priority each and every day to find optimism, joy and serenity through humour; its life natural tranquilizer.  Once you do, happiness, improved health and positive relationships will chase you down…because everyone loves someone who isn’t a stick in the mud and can enjoy a little shenanigans every once in a while!