EIGHT ways to steer you into your Happy Place:

 Have an Optimistic Perspective– you can choose to view anything in a positive light; it’s up to you to decide how to perceive any situation or circumstance.  There is always opportunity in every problem or challenge, yet it’s all in your authoritative mindset.

Your Inner Circle– relationships, whether through family or friends, can have a significant impact on your spirit. Embrace and cherish relationships that make you laugh till you cry or simply lend a shoulder to lean on. These comforting connections can do wonders for your soul.

You’re a Natural – the special talent or ability you have, that one thing that makes you feel joy and excitement inside, do it more often and take pleasure in it.  Hone in on it, make time for it, perfect it and don’t give up on it.

Celebrate Your Accomplishments– be proud of those things you worked hard for and achieved.  Pull out memorabilia, letters of references, pictures, awards and reminisce on those pillars in your life and bask in all its glory once again.

Gratitude is Latitude– be content. Be happy about the fact that you have a job, car, home, family, friends, a bed to sleep on!  Being appreciative of things and people in your life can have an astonishing effect on the mind and spirit.

Savour in Nature– take a walk in the forest, swim in a lake or ocean, bask in the sun!  Take in the wonderfulness of mother nature, breathe in the freshness of the crisp air – it will revitalize your soul.

Laugher is the Best Medicine– a good laugh fest will stir up endorphins and elevate your mind.  Have a sense of humor and try to see the lighter side of things. Life’s too short; LAUGH, it’s a natural tranquilizer!

“Because I’m happy…”– tune into music that makes you want to bust a move. Whether a good ol’ country song to a catchy ear worm like “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”, music feeds the soul. Dial in, crank it up, get singing and dancing!


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