Six simple ways to step on the gas and get you moving one step closer to achieving your dream:

  1. Fly with eagles – get inspired and motivated by surrounding yourself with those who are living “your” dream or can direct you as to how to achieve your goal.  If you want to reach a higher level and gain the knowledge to make your dream reality, start moving with the right crowd.
  1. Write it down – jot down a note in your planner or set a reminder to get your ‘to do list’ checked off!  Whether it’s finally signing up to the course you’ve been pondering over or committing to a date as to when you’ll start your exercise regimen, scribble it down. A funny thing happens when you write something down…it can stick to your memory like glue!
  1. Team up – find a partner to get moving with like-minded intentions or help chase your dreams with you.  Whether it be teaming up to lose some extra pounds or simply meeting with a friend to edit copy of your writing, having someone by your side can give inspired momentum and make the experience much more exciting.
  1. Research, research, research – whatever it is you’re chasing, get more educated about it.  The more knowledge you have, the more power you gain; which will give you the graceful tenacity to achieve your goals!
  1. Commit to it – do whatever it takes to commit to that something you’re striving to achieve.  It’s been said, it takes approximately 21 days to create a routine.  If you stick to a plan, for at least this amount of time, there is a good chance you’ll actually create a routine.  Here’s the key though…you MUST wholeheartedly see it through.  If it’s vowing to go the gym every Mon and Wed between 4-6pm, you’d better not make plans on those days! And, when you just don’t feel like going, drive there; you’ll have to get out cause, “geez, I’m here already!”
  1. Fake it – ever heard of the phrase, “you need to fake it to make it”?  Well, there is some truth to that. When you actually start to act, think and talk like you’ve achieved the dream, there’s a magical feeling that takes place deep inside; a feeling of fortitude and inspiration!  Half the battle is in the mind, the other have is in the action.  So, “fake it to make it”, and get a move on it. Put action behind your thoughts and words, and turn fiction into a matter of fact!


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