The city that never sleeps.

The city of bright lights and sounds.

The city known as the concrete jungle.

MANHATTAN. A vibrant, cosmopolitan city lined with restaurants, cafes, museums and Broadway shows, hundreds of tourist attractions from the Empire State building to Central Park, on over to Fifth Avenue and samples sales, phew, only to name a few… There is no better place in the world to explore, feel energized, inspired, full of life and NOT feel alone! But, did you know that NYC is in fact a City of SECRETS? Shhhh…

Here are some random, tidbits of information that could make your skin crawl or make you go hmmmm…

  1. Manhattan means “the island of many hills”.
  2. The term “Big Apple” refers to horse racing; it was used to describe a big money prize.
  3. Albert Einstein’s eyes remain in a safe deposit box in New York – located undisclosed!
  4. The Statue of Liberty was delivered in 350 pieces.
  5. There are 20,000 bodies buried in Washington Square Park (creeeepy!)
  6. It’s not illegal to go topless in NYC, as long as it’s not for business.
  7. The Empire State Building has its own zip code.
  8. Train tracks are set on fire to keep ice from forming.
  9. New York City will pay a one-way flight for a homeless person, if they have a guaranteed place to stay.
  10. Times Square is named after the New York Times; it was originally called Longacre Square.
  11. It can cost over $250,000/year for a hot dog stand permit in Central Park.
  12. New Yorkers speak approximately 800 languages.
  13. There is a secret train platform in the Waldorf Astoria Hotel.
  14. It would take approximately 24 hours to navigate the entire subway system.