Happy Place

Happy Place

EIGHT ways to steer you into your Happy Place:

 Have an Optimistic Perspective– you can choose to view anything in a positive light; it’s up to you to decide how to perceive any situation or circumstance.  There is always opportunity in every problem or challenge, yet it’s all in your authoritative mindset.

Your Inner Circle– relationships, whether through family or friends, can have a significant impact on your spirit. Embrace and cherish relationships that make you laugh till you cry or simply lend a shoulder to lean on. These comforting connections can do wonders for your soul.

You’re a Natural – the special talent or ability you have, that one thing that makes you feel joy and excitement inside, do it more often and take pleasure in it.  Hone in on it, make time for it, perfect it and don’t give up on it.

Celebrate Your Accomplishments– be proud of those things you worked hard for and achieved.  Pull out memorabilia, letters of references, pictures, awards and reminisce on those pillars in your life and bask in all its glory once again.

Gratitude is Latitude– be content. Be happy about the fact that you have a job, car, home, family, friends, a bed to sleep on!  Being appreciative of things and people in your life can have an astonishing effect on the mind and spirit.

Savour in Nature– take a walk in the forest, swim in a lake or ocean, bask in the sun!  Take in the wonderfulness of mother nature, breathe in the freshness of the crisp air – it will revitalize your soul.

Laugher is the Best Medicine– a good laugh fest will stir up endorphins and elevate your mind.  Have a sense of humor and try to see the lighter side of things. Life’s too short; LAUGH, it’s a natural tranquilizer!

“Because I’m happy…”– tune into music that makes you want to bust a move. Whether a good ol’ country song to a catchy ear worm like “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”, music feeds the soul. Dial in, crank it up, get singing and dancing!


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City of Secrets

City of Secrets

The city that never sleeps.

The city of bright lights and sounds.

The city known as the concrete jungle.

MANHATTAN. A vibrant, cosmopolitan city lined with restaurants, cafes, museums and Broadway shows, hundreds of tourist attractions from the Empire State building to Central Park, on over to Fifth Avenue and samples sales, phew, only to name a few… There is no better place in the world to explore, feel energized, inspired, full of life and NOT feel alone! But, did you know that NYC is in fact a City of SECRETS? Shhhh…

Here are some random, tidbits of information that could make your skin crawl or make you go hmmmm…

  1. Manhattan means “the island of many hills”.
  2. The term “Big Apple” refers to horse racing; it was used to describe a big money prize.
  3. Albert Einstein’s eyes remain in a safe deposit box in New York – located undisclosed!
  4. The Statue of Liberty was delivered in 350 pieces.
  5. There are 20,000 bodies buried in Washington Square Park (creeeepy!)
  6. It’s not illegal to go topless in NYC, as long as it’s not for business.
  7. The Empire State Building has its own zip code.
  8. Train tracks are set on fire to keep ice from forming.
  9. New York City will pay a one-way flight for a homeless person, if they have a guaranteed place to stay.
  10. Times Square is named after the New York Times; it was originally called Longacre Square.
  11. It can cost over $250,000/year for a hot dog stand permit in Central Park.
  12. New Yorkers speak approximately 800 languages.
  13. There is a secret train platform in the Waldorf Astoria Hotel.
  14. It would take approximately 24 hours to navigate the entire subway system.


Learning to re-connect with yourself or even your significant other, is essential in re-energizing and refueling your vital “life tank”.

Take the foot of the gas pedal and pump the brakes; apply these tips to steer you in the right direction:

It’s okay to be selfish

Schedule one day per week, even if it’s simply an hour or two, when you turn off your ringer and disengage with EVERYONE. DO what you want to do. Whether it’s to lock yourself in a room with a good book, take a painting class or catch some zzz’s, it’s YOUR time; do what you want with it.  Stick to it, make it a routine.

Give of your time

There is something gratifying about giving of your precious time. Volunteer at a shelter, become a Big Sister or Brother, sit with elders at a retirement home; not only will it take your mind off of your own circumstances, it will enlighten the lives of those you touch.  Offering your time replenishes the soul, fulfilling your true universal self.

What’s calling you

Is there a passion, an innate talent/gift that you hold deep within?  Something that makes you feel like “yourself again”, where you truly feel connected?  Whatever it is, hone in on it and just do it. Whether it’s simply writing, stringing a guitar, taking photographs, painting a canvas or refinishing furniture, do what makes you feel good inside so you can feel whole.

Vacay or Stay-cay

Whether some time alone or with a significant other, time away, whether physically or just “unplugging” from the world, is what you need in order to recharge and reconnect.  Learn to just be. Be in the moment. Listen to the sounds. Taste the flavours. Smell the aromas. Take it all in – take the time to just be at ONE.


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Place Your Order

Place Your Order

What are you requesting every day? Are you waking up every morning asking for strength, happiness, courage, or is it stress, loneliness and defeat? We may not actually realize it, but the latter is usually the unintentional, yet impulsive order we place in life. Due to worries of the day to day, fear of the unknown or overanalyzing our abilities, we allow negativity to seep into our mind and crash through its barriers.

All our thoughts are things; things that can turn into sickness or good health, sadness or love, loss or power.  The “things” we want most in life, are the thoughts we need to consciously and intentionally focus on the most. View challenges as opportunities for growth, skills learned, friendships made, resources obtained; you just never know what prospects could be disguised as something that will thrust you forward into your destiny. Instead of getting frustrated or discouraged, trust in your path and whatever comes your way, accept it as such, and know it’s meant to be for a reason.

Place your purposeful, intentional order in life; do it on a daily basis. Think, act, speak all that you desire and deserve in life, and it will latch onto you just like a magnet.


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Where’s Your Mindset Driving You?

Where’s Your Mindset Driving You?

Have you ever thought how astonishing our minds really are?  What kind of power they hold?  What kind of control it has over our body, spirit and overall perception of all things and circumstances in our lives?  Our minds are a valuable, authoritative tool, which if used correctly, can change the direction of our lives.

When you hear someone say, “When my mind is set on something …”, this usually means the person has taken control of their mind, the direction they want it to go, and are confident they can achieve whatever the goal is.  This is the kind of determination and gumption you need to have on a daily basis.  Don’t ever give into negative, unprovoking thoughts because the only outcome and situations that will arise from this mindset is the same.  Like attracts like!   Your reality lies in the actions of your thoughts.

Here are 3 inspiring ways to get you driving down the right road and NOT into the slums:

  1. DON’T set yourself up for defeat – Whatever it is that you are facing, don’t ever give into the self-defeating thoughts. As soon as you do, you’ve already set yourself up for loss.  Instead, wakeup in the morning, take a few minutes of stillness and REALLY focus on what it is you want to achieve, whether short term or long term.  It could simply be the desire to have a great day or pass that exam, to aspirations of having a family or becoming the top sales person in your company.  Whatever your goal, REALLY feel it inside.  REALLY believe it will happen.  REALLY visualize it like you’re living through it at the moment; how do you look, what are you wearing, who is with you, what’s the atmosphere like, what feelings do you have?  When you live the life you desire through your mind’s eye, your reality will follow suit.  So don’t look back, look forward and deep inside because that’s where your truth lies!
  1. BE your own cheerleaderAt the beginning and end of the day, look yourself in the mirror and cheer yourself on. Whether it’s a personal mantra or an actual cheerleading chant, you need to speak or sing words of motivation onto yourself!  You are the only person in charge of your minds perception and how you view and feel things that occur on a daily basis, or within the deep desires of your dreams.  YOU are the only one that can kick start your mind to go in the right direction and take motivated action to make things happen. So stop waiting for the cheerleading squad to come into your life and encourage you.  Take hold of yourself, be your biggest cheerleader and sing strong and out loud declaring, “Life is like a box of chocolates”…I CAN control what I get!
  1. FILTER the buzzkillsYep, buzzkills. Those people, places, songs, shows, etc., that take you into a negative zone. When you’re overwhelmed with the type of distractions that raise your blood pressure, you intuitively know your Feng Shui will be thrown off.  We all have that family member or friend that when they call/text you get a knot in your stomach cause you know it’s gonna be ‘B#@*%H FEST time’ and you’ll be left feeling glum, when you were otherwise happy.  Or, when you turn on the TV and watch the news, it’s filled with killings, bombings, politicians arguing, ugh, you instantly feel sad, angry, and outraged at the brutal-ness of humanity.  Now, I’m not saying to be a hermit and put your head in the sand; to ignore all negative things, cause let’s face it, it’s probably impossible.  However, YOU can control the outside factors that can seep into that sacred mind of yours.  Instead of watching a news broadcast daily, tune in a few times a week, just enough to be informed.  (And not to worry, if it’s anything like CNN, you won’t miss out cause the repetition of stories can go on for weeks!).  Don’t be a sounding board every single time that friend calls.  Know your limits and choose those times when you can take those calls or texts.  If you’re not at their beck and call 24/7, they’ll get the hint and innately follow the perimeters you set.

Once you put up the filter screen and cheer yourself into focussing your mind on positive, purposeful thoughts, you’ll naturally feel a sense of serenity fill the mind. Do things that inspire and motivate you in order to stir up some wonderful endorphins; create a pleasant environment to feed your mind, so that you’re heading onwards towards your destined wonderland!


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