Get “BACK” into Action

Get “BACK” into Action

The agony of a persistent, nagging back ache or pain can be enough to make you wanna scream and cry, especially if its chronic!  Yikes!  Most may turn to painkillers to ease the discomfort, however, relief may be in sight by taking a natural approach to remedying this aliment. 

Here’s a list of “DO’s” to get you DOING the right things for a stronger, healthier back…

Do STRECTH.  It will help to lengthen those muscles, making them more elastic and will aid to alleviate the tightness.

Do YOGA.  Along the same lines of stretching, getting into the downward dog position will help to condition and strengthen the muscles, allowing for relief, especially in low back pain sufferers.

Do SWIM. Being immersed in water and having fluid movements from the buoyancy of the water takes stress off the joints. Also, it helps improve back and core muscles.

Do STRENGTH TRAINING. Although it may appear counterintuitive, lifting weights can indeed aid in a healthy back.  Building back strength and developing those muscles will help to keep your spine moving correctly.  (Just remember to keep good form!).

Do RELAX. It may sometimes feel impossible to relax from the stresses of life, but this could be exactly what is putting a kink in your back.  When you’re bogged down, stressed out and a complete worry-wort, this is what may be causing you to adversely tense your muscles, hence, shooting aches and pains.  Breath in, breath out, and learn to take things in stride!

Do THERAPY. Physical therapy, that is. Massage, chiropractic and/or physio.  Either one will help to work out the kinks, bringing movement and flexibility back into your back!

Do SOAK IT UP. Submerge yourself into a warm bath filled with EPSON SALTS!  It helps to relieve the pain and inflammation of joints and muscles, which it true of back pain.  Throw in a cup or two, depending on the size of your tub and dive in!


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I Saw A Sign

I Saw A Sign

Sometimes when you least expect it, an opportunity arises and you’re left pondering on a decision to take the leap or stay seated comfortably where you are. Being pushed out of your comfort zone creates anxiety of the unknown or stirs the question of “what if”, by accepting the change in front of your eyes. The list of pros and cons, weighing out of the anticipations, possibilities, challenges and opportunities, rattles the mind and you’re left screaming out, “what should I do?”.

Below are (4) tips to get your mind straightened out and looking down the road of success:

  1. That Little Voice – pay attention to what stirs inside you. Usually, when you listen to that small, still voice, it’s like a compass trying to steer in you in the right direction. It’s a voice of genuineness, truth and love, knowing what sincerely puts a smile on your face and skip in your step.
  1. Get in Agreement – that is, with your God, your universe, whatever you believe guides that the stronghold of faith and trust in your existence. Things shift and “planets” align (at a time that may or maybe not seem right), but believing that a higher power is a work, may ease the worry of making a change. Have confidence and take a leap of faith.
  1. Change is Constant – understand that life will always be changing, whether you choose to accept it or not. Either you can play a key role in the spectacular changes that life has to offer, or be a passenger riding in the back seat, kicking and screaming. I say, call shotgun and ride in front!
  1. Opportunity Knocks – although you may not be prepared or even planned out to take a chance at change, if it comes a knockin’, pay attention to the how and why it’s banging on your door. Recognize too, there will always be others down the line who will step right up into what could rightfully be yours. “Opportunity comes once in a lifetime”, as they say, so trust yourself, your abilities and believe that, “yes, it wants me!” and seize the opportunity!


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What Goes Up…

What Goes Up…

Must come doooown…

I’m sure we’re all familiar with the phrase “don’t let it get to your head”.  Whether said to another, or on the receiving end of this clichéd statement, it’s usually a suggestion of narcissism and not of modesty. In a world of materialism, power, money and greed, generated in part by media, your environment and/or other influencing factors, the notion of your ego getting in the way of common sense, isn’t too unrealistic for some.

We’ve all, at one time or another, been subjected to a person who may have let their power of authority, success, or perceived control “get to their head”. They went from a down to earth, compassionate person, to an all-around big head who’s just unpleasant to be around. But, the unfortunate reality about this bogus illusion, is we’re all just the same ol’ human beings, connected, one way or another. We all share the feelings of excitement, nervousness, stresses, pleasures, etc., as the next person. I cry, smile, laugh and put my pants on the same way you do! So, what makes a “big head” stand out against those of us who have our feet planted to the ground? An INFLATED ego. Yikes!

Don’t forget your roots. Remember where you can from and what it took to get where you are. Be a person of integrity; build on a good reputation, and the trust of those who surround you. Don’t get on the high horse, ‘cause before you know it you could be thrown off and back down where you started. Success can be temporary, as you’re only as good as those who support, believe and respect you. Don’t take yourself so seriously; nobody else does.

Do be kind and gracious to others, as karma can be a B#*&H and bite you in the butt, especially when you’ve burned bridges. Do be a person of humbleness; no one’s perfect (not even you). Admit when you’re wrong, ask for advice and/or opinions, let somebody else shine; it will show you value their insight. Do share in your successes and mentor others; it will make you feel gratified, fulfilled and accomplished!

We’ve all started in this life race together, running down the track chasing dreams, aspirations and desires. It’s exciting to have a goal(s), as this is what drives and motivates us to succeed. However, it’s when the deceit of power, money, success and/or fame, deceives the mind and closes the heart, that the true nature of the human experience is gone like the wind. Stay human and show humility, as this is a sign of strength not weakness. Be grounded, compassionate and comfortable in your own skin. Treat others with dignity, respect and love because as mighty as you rose up by the hands of others, just as hard as you can fall at their feet.


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Let Go

Let Go

In the journey of life, there is always going to be circumstances that happen which seem to come out of nowhere and slam us, and possibly our egos, into the ground.  We are left feeling depressed, sad, frustrated, jealous, envious; all those negative, horrible feelings that make us dwell, hold on and never let go. Be in command, be in present; you hold the “ammunition” to control your outcome in life. Do you want to go through it constantly in war with yourself, your thoughts and others, or do you want to call a truce? You hold the power to perceive any situation, in any light. Come to a resolve that things do happen for a reason and through hardships and challenges, comes growth and opportunity.

To combat the vicious cycle of being held emotionally captive (whether over a person, thought, perception or holding a grudge), is to have insight. Insight into what exactly it is you’re pondering tirelessly over.  Is it a spouse who betrayed you, a coworker who talked behind your back, a negative test result or even a false illusion of circumstance? Whatever the case may be, throw yourself into your emotions and let them flow free; scream, cry, delve into a bucket of ice cream and bonbons if you have to! But then, you need to surrender.  Surrender, so you can be free. Forgive, so you can have peace of the mind, body and soul.

Don’t fall victim to the shadows of your mind, convincing you that vengeance is what will bring contentment.  This can’t be further from the truth. Allowing yourself to invest precious time and energy to stand by and wait for revenge to come, is a prescription for psychological disaster. Once you can find acceptance through conceding, the pain will start its healing process and your heart and mind can go on living.  As it’s been said, “time heals all wounds”, but it can only begin once you allow it to.

Learning to let go during the battles in life, takes tenacity, compassion and courage. Pay close attention to your thoughts and control your efforts. Once you can allow life to just happen, to accept the good with bad and release the headlock of a negative, dwelling mentality, the healthier, happier and more harmonious of a life you can rightfully enjoy!


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Get A Move On

Get A Move On

Six simple ways to step on the gas and get you moving one step closer to achieving your dream:

  1. Fly with eagles – get inspired and motivated by surrounding yourself with those who are living “your” dream or can direct you as to how to achieve your goal.  If you want to reach a higher level and gain the knowledge to make your dream reality, start moving with the right crowd.
  1. Write it down – jot down a note in your planner or set a reminder to get your ‘to do list’ checked off!  Whether it’s finally signing up to the course you’ve been pondering over or committing to a date as to when you’ll start your exercise regimen, scribble it down. A funny thing happens when you write something down…it can stick to your memory like glue!
  1. Team up – find a partner to get moving with like-minded intentions or help chase your dreams with you.  Whether it be teaming up to lose some extra pounds or simply meeting with a friend to edit copy of your writing, having someone by your side can give inspired momentum and make the experience much more exciting.
  1. Research, research, research – whatever it is you’re chasing, get more educated about it.  The more knowledge you have, the more power you gain; which will give you the graceful tenacity to achieve your goals!
  1. Commit to it – do whatever it takes to commit to that something you’re striving to achieve.  It’s been said, it takes approximately 21 days to create a routine.  If you stick to a plan, for at least this amount of time, there is a good chance you’ll actually create a routine.  Here’s the key though…you MUST wholeheartedly see it through.  If it’s vowing to go the gym every Mon and Wed between 4-6pm, you’d better not make plans on those days! And, when you just don’t feel like going, drive there; you’ll have to get out cause, “geez, I’m here already!”
  1. Fake it – ever heard of the phrase, “you need to fake it to make it”?  Well, there is some truth to that. When you actually start to act, think and talk like you’ve achieved the dream, there’s a magical feeling that takes place deep inside; a feeling of fortitude and inspiration!  Half the battle is in the mind, the other have is in the action.  So, “fake it to make it”, and get a move on it. Put action behind your thoughts and words, and turn fiction into a matter of fact!


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Not Always As It Seems

Not Always As It Seems

You THINK you may know, but really, it could all be smoke and mirrors….

That person you thought had it all figured out, the friend that seems to be living large, the relative who is “rolling in the dough”, the job that looks out of this world AMAZING, perhaps, isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  The needs and wants we create, and quite possibly assume, because of outside influences such as people and/or media, could be the culprit of your woes.

We all strive to fulfil our desires in life, but it’s when these things aren’t achieved that we fall into a rut and become unhappy.  Looking around, you observe people who seem to have it all, in relationships that are adoring, driving nice cars, travelling to exotic destinations, wearing stylish clothes, living in homes that you can only dream about.  We become envious, and some jealous, of the “successfulness” of those in our radar.  But a funny thing happens sometimes, when you actually delve into the worlds of those that are admirable.  Your “lens” becomes focused. You realize they have the same stresses, debts, esteem issues, sadness and frustrations, just like the rest of us. And with some, the emptiness is so evident that you realize the sham they’re living, and that perhaps you don’t have it so bad after all!

Our minds can have such a creative imagination; inventing realities that don’t exist, jumping to conclusions, getting you all worked up about something that may not even be there.  But, its knowing how and when to use this creative, inspired energy for your benefit and not your determent, that will allow you play, rightfully, at your own game.  “You be you, and I’ll be me”, as a verse in a popular song says…. Don’t focus your energies and time on what others seem to be accomplishing and/or gaining in life, unless of course, it’s positively motivating you to excel.  Otherwise, keep in your own lane, keep your head up and run the race that’s genuinely intended for you.  Once you set achievable “ME” goals, the universal resistant will not be a factor because you’ll be swimming with the current and not against it.

The real secret to living a life of contentment is developing the capacity to enjoy less and not always seeking more, more, more!  Don’t be so busy in life seeking happiness and never finding it, ‘cause it could be looking you square in the face.  Know when to call BS on the illusions created by your mind, and likewise, by outside influences that could be leading you astray.


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