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Transform your body and mind with a holistic approach to health and wellness. Let’s take control of your training and diet goals and set an actionable plan, customized to you!

Hi, I’m Daniela. I’m a certified health & fitness coach, published author, fitness model and wellness ambassador. 

I have the pleasure and privilege of combining my passions for fitness, nutrition and writing to empower women and men to transform their body and mind. 

I offer 1-on-1 online coaching, exercise and nutritional programs, cutting-edge info on health/wellness, insightful articles and guidance to inspire actionable change.

Power up your health and fitness goals!

Let’s work together to transform your body and mind. Select a plan that suits your fitness goals and lifestyle.

Program_Nutrition or Fitness

4-week Customized Diet OR
Training Program

Program_Diet and Exercise

4-week Customized Diet AND
Training Program

Program_ 3 month_Diet and Training

12-Week Customized Diet AND
Training Program

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